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5 Tips to Stay on Plan While Traveling

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Past trips have been full of eating out and indulging too much. Break that habit! Do these five things to stick with your plan, and to get right back on track when you return.

healthy-snacksPlan Ahead
Sitting in the car for hours upon hours is boring. It is tempting to snack the whole way. Planning ahead works! Pack a bag of snacks like protein bars, beef jerky, fresh fruit and a few lower calorie slider snacks in case you must.  Bring premade protein shakes for meal replacement or to add to your coffee. Bring powdered protein in individual servings — don’t forget to bring your shaker cup.  Focus on drinking lots of water (and the corresponding number of bathroom breaks).
Make Good Choices
Fast food drive-through meals abound, especially on road trips. Don’t focus on perfection, rather look for opportunities to make decent choices. For sandwiches, choose grilled chicken without cheese or mayo and remove at least one half of the bun.  A filet of fish sandwich with cheese but no bun or tartar sauce is pretty tasty.  Order decaf coffee (or regular, if it on your plan) and add some prepared vanilla protein shake.  Eat slowly, enjoy the food and feel satisfied.
phone-916392_1920Keep Track
Apps like MyFitnessPal do a great job of keeping track food, water and exercise. Logging makes you aware/mindful of what you eat and how much you eat. Promise yourself that you will honestly log all of your food before, after and during your trip. On the road is often easier, since many restaurants have already entered meals into the database.Logging is one of the best tools to prevent sliding back into bad habits. It even becomes fun after you log enough to start seeing trends and patterns.
Return to Your Routine

Back to basics on day one! The day after returning from a trip eat high protein, low calorie, low carb foods and increase your normal fluid intake. It’s not about doing better tomorrow, it is about making your next choice a good one. Do anything you can to stick with your routine while traveling then jump back in immediately when you return. Your mind will tell you that you’ve broken your momentum, but one day of good decisions can bring you back up to speed.

Enjoy Yourself
Relax and work to be mindful before and after the trip. Splurge here and there with a bite of this or a half portion of that. Don’t be extreme about your choices. Enjoy yourself!

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