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Before and After Bariatric Surgery – A Patient’s Point of View

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Before and After
RNY 3/30/2017, HW 325, SW 289, CW 159, GW 150

On March 30, 2016, the direction of my life changed. I was given a second chance to be healthy, and it’s working. I had gastric bypass surgery and threw myself into the process. A year and a half later I am 130 pounds lighter (165 lbs lighter than my highest weight) and my physical health has drastically improved.

I had high blood pressure, was prediabetic, had sleep apnea and acute pain in my weight bearing joints that affected my mobility. Those health problems are now gone!

I lost and gained hundreds of pounds throughout my adult life. Nothing worked long term, and the mounting health problems made conventional approaches even less effective as I aged. It was time for me to consider an extreme option, gastric bypass surgery.

It is a long process which requires a good deal of hoop jumping, persistence, dieting, changing habits, doctors appointments, exercise, etc. The challenging trip through the pre-op process then recovering from surgery and sticking to my commitment to follow the plan to change my life has given me some insight into how I got here, what worked and what didn’t.

I’ve become focused on how to make this process continue to work, and why some people succeed more than others. I study, discuss, ask questions and find answers to questions most of us have early on.  I am here to share those experiences and knowledge with anyone who is interested or curious.

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— Jennifer

Prep Your House for a Bariatric Friendly Life


One thought on “Before and After Bariatric Surgery – A Patient’s Point of View

  1. Years ago I heard a reporter ask Sophia Loren what she always took with her when she traveled. She said, “A set of scales.” I rolled my eyes thinking she was showing some vanity. But I always remember her next statement. “It’s easier for me to lose ten pounds rather than wait til I’ve gained twenty.” Very logical. Weight management on the run.

    Keep up the great work! You are worth it.

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