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Celebrate Your Seat on The Losers’ Bench

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Losers' Bench Collection

Celebrate the day bariatric surgery changes your life.

Memorialize this turning point with a Bari-bolster pillow to ease the pain on the ride home from the hospital, to help walk, get out of bed during recovery. Makes a great neck and back pillow too!

Carry your personal items to the hospital in a sturdy cotton carryall bag celebrating your big day. This bag is strong enough to carry your gym shoes or heavy produce from the farmers’ market.

Remind yourself of your progress every time you drink your hot broth, protein lattes, soup and herbal tea in this striking hot beverage mug.

You’ve worked hard to claim your seat on the Losers’ Bench. Treat yourself!


Losers' Bench Hot Beverage Mug
Losers’ Bench Hot Beverage Mug
Losers' Bench Bari-Bolster Pillow
Losers’ Bench Bari-Bolster Pillow
Losers' Bench Carryall Tote
Losers’ Bench Carryall Tote