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Fajitas – A Perfect Choice When Dining Out

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Chicken FajitasWhile vacationing in the Southwest the food choices are pretty good. Southwest cuisine is a weakness for many which can ruin solid progress. Fear not: Rediscover fajitas!

At lunch, order chicken fajitas without tortillas or cheese. The sizzling hot peppers, onions and chicken are delicious. Add pinto beans, a tablespoon of guacamole and a tablespoon of sour cream if you want to taste indulgence. It is filling, satisfying and doesn’t wreck the diet. It is packed with protein, nutrients and it is and low in calories. A restaurant win!

While other people in your group are ordering crab enchiladas don’t worry that you will feel like you are missing out. The creamy, tortilla laden dishes are tempting, but a better choice – split shrimp and steak fajitas with a friend.

Fajitas are a high protein, low calorie choice. Enjoy delicious Southwest food while sticking to your plan.

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