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Food Prep Essentials – Four Ounce Containers with Locking Lids

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4 Ounce Locking Food Storage Container
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Meal prep and portion control are essential to the success of any diet plan, especially for bariatric patients.  There is not a bariatric patient who hasn’t spent money on several types of food storage containers before settling on one. After testing tens of different types of storage containers we have a favorite. These nifty 4 oz containers* are far better than any other option we’ve found.

What to Look for in Food Storage Containers:

  • Durable
  • Transparent or mostly transparent
  • Seals with locking lids
  • Freezable
  • BPA free


  • No measuring
  • Can use with dry, frozen or refrigerated food
  • More apt to chose healthful food that we prepare if it is readily available.
  • Using a consistent size makes logging your food super easy.
  • Containers must be able to seal well and have a shape that allows you to transport or store them easily.

Recommendation: You will want at least two sets of these 4 oz containers with locking lids. You can buy them on Amazon here*.

*We may receive a small commission from some of the products linked on this site.  Using our sponsored links helps to support this website, and will never cost you anything.

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