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One Week Activity Challenge for the Activity Challenged

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One Week Activity Challenge for the Activity Challenged

The transformation from being a sedentary person to any kind of activity isn’t a natural change. Being mindful of the need to move around is something that needs brain training before it can become a habit.  Little mindfulness challenges remind the brain to move around more often.

Challenge your mind to make your body move. Don’t worry about a serious workout. The goal here is to think about doing something as often as possible throughout the day. Once your brain is in the habit of thinking about moving around, you can incorporate more challenging exercises.

The Challenge – Use Your Brain

Choose one minor activity each day for a week. Do that thing as often as you can during the day. This is not about repetition. Instead, the goal is to see how many times you can think to do it. Here are some examples:

Monday – Touch the ceiling

Reach your arms above your head and try to touch the ceiling. Really reach. Each time you do this, may be less than a minute, so make it count. Feel your muscles stretching. Then go about your day. Then stop and do it again. How many times can you remember to do this?

Tuesday – Stand on your toes

How many times can you remember to walk on tip toes today? Give your heels a break. Feel those muscles stretch.  Where do you feel it most?

Wednesday – Above your head

Lift things above your head. Before putting your shoes on, lift them up over your head and stretch, then put them on. Lift that bottle of shampoo way above your head before using it. Lift that carton of milk above your head before pouring it onto your cereal. Of course, don’t lift anything too heavy or that might hurt if you accidentally drop it onto your head.

Thursday – Lift those feet

Whenever you walk anywhere, try to lift your feet higher than normal. Just lift them a little higher than normal. This one is more difficult to do than you’d think. Walking is automatic for most of us.

Friday – Take the stairs and do it twice

A little twist on taking the stairs instead of the elevator – each time you go up/down stairs, do it again. Go back up/down a few steps, or if you have the time, redo the whole flight of stairs.

Saturday – Touch your toes

It doesn’t matter if you are standing or sitting. How many times can you remember to touch your toes in one day?

Sunday – Take an extra step

Go a step or two out of your way. Take the long way around your desk, walk to your car, or zig zag through grocery isles. How often can you remember to take extra steps?

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