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The Kitchen Sink Cooking Method

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Since my gastric bypass surgery in 2016 I’ve become a fan of whole/real/slow/natural foods and cooking … kinda. I have also discovered that if I cook my way I don’t dread it. In fact, I really like cooking these days. My method has come about through trial, error and avoidance. I discover food combinations and create delicious nutritious dishes while respecting my aversion to following rules. The Kitchen Sink Cooking Method (KSM for short) is my process for creating my meals and I freely share it with anyone who wants to learn.

Dishes cooked with the KSM begins with hundreds of bookmarks in my browser for yummy sounding recipes with mouthwatering photos. I doubt a day passes where I don’t bookmark several recipes that I am dying to, but never will prepare. Occasionally I will buy the ingredients for a new recipe only to find that I didn’t bother to read the ingredients list thoroughly enough.

I usually end up using the recipes as inspiration then wander off into cooking bliss. I enjoy the experience and usually emerge with a darned good meal. There are; however, some notable flops and some standouts.  I don’t use recipes or write things down so when I repeat something it’s not likely to turn out like the original success. It more often reflects what is in my refrigerator – that can be a good thing!

KSM is a 3 Step Approach:

  1. Get Inspired
    Peruse recipes, take note of delicious flavors at restaurants, think big! Get excited then lose interest.
  2. Ignite the Spark
    Focus on a particular ingredient or two that you have on hand and look at recipes that call for it. Get inspired again, read those recipes, print them out, make notes, highlight stuff then forget it all and go to the kitchen.
  3. Full Steam Ahead
    Start slicing, dicing, marinating, sauteing and preparing what you have on hand even though you only have a vague idea of the final result.
Cook like you're reinventing the wheel
The is process is similar to what one might apply when attempting to reinvent the wheel.






Every success starts with a good base. Each base includes a healthy amount of good, clean protein.