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What’s For Lunch – Yogurt with Crunch

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We can’t be perfect all the time, so I’m sharing my lunches and pointing out where I can improve. Keep in mind that I am 18 months post-op RNY. Remember that we are all different, so everyone should be following the plan set out by your nutritionist and/or surgeon.

Yesterday’s LunchBariatric Friendly Lunch September 14

Bariatric Friendly Alternatives


This yogurt is delicious but it comes with a lot of sugar.

Alternative: Plain fat free Greek yogurt with a little sugar free preserves (the apricot is yummy)

Essential Everyday Nutty Nuggets (off brand Grape Nuts)

adds a serious crunch to yogurt, but they are high in calories and carbs.

Alternative: I have no suggestions except to keep the serving to about a tablespoon. Feel free to offer suggestions in the comments below.

Slivered Almonds

Nuts are high in calories, but they are good for you. That have a decent amount of protein and other beneficial nutrients. Keep the portion size down.

Alternative: Same answer as the cereal above.


Prep Your House for a Bariatric Friendly Life


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  1. Your advice about eating slowly and not multitasking is good advice for everyone, not just those who have had this surgery. The Dali Lama practices his eating this way too. Bet he uses chopsticks.

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