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Bariatric Q&A – Avoid Food Funerals Before Surgery

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Question: I’m approaching my surgery date and I feel an incredible urge to eat all of the things I will never eat again. How can I possibly get through any kind of liquid diet with those urges constantly pulling at me?


Food Funeral before Bariatric Surgery

Yes, food funerals are common temptations. Most of us feel the need to indulge before surgery. Yes, you are committing to a different way of eating and living, but that doesn’t mean that you will be tormented by pizza, soda or french fries which you will have to deny yourself forever.

Once you get to your goal weight (and maybe a few times before that) you can have a taste of any food that is really tempting you and you will find that a few bites is enough – no, I’m not kidding, and yes, it was never that way before surgery for any of us.

Head Hunger

But here is the secret to keeping it from becoming a binge: Surgery is not the end of the line for food. In fact, I enjoy and savor my food more than I ever did before surgery.

There are foods you probably won’t eat again, but it won’t be because you feel deprived or denied them. It’s because you won’t want them (it takes a while), you will develop an association that makes you feel sick (if you follow the plan early on).

You Will be Able to Eat Your Favorite Foods

I am a year out and I can have a bite or two of just about anything I want. The best part is that those bites are extremely satisfying to me. Before surgery, I relied on take out food. I could eat a whole bag of something and never felt satisfied. Don’t look at this as a loss, rather a coming to life again!

Q&A Avoid Food Funerals

Minimize the Damage

Start your new life now. If you are dying for french fries right now ask a friend to order them and eat two or three, slowly and chew, chew, chew. Enjoy and savor it then work on your protein shake or whatever liquid or diet stuff your surgeon recommends.


Prep Your House for a Bariatric Friendly Life

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